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Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel
Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel

Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel

“Dionysos" is a wine god in Greek mythology and thus we chose this exact name to represent our product  emphasizing on a thousands years ol wine making culture. 

With unique touch to mulled wine making experience, Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel is produced by the company Eywa Wood, which is established in 2016 and since specializing in different handmade wood products and mulled wine barrels. 

We started our R&D project on Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel in the early 2020, and the first product was ready to use in the first quarter of 2022. We aim to make this unique product available worldwide for the best and efficient way of making your favourite mulled wine which will save you a lot of time and energy.
Replacing the antique traditional method of mulled wine making, we combined technology and aesthetics of our time to give you the best results. The product can be used in all commercial applications such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars and even offices. The product can also allow average consumers to offer new tastes and recipes to their guests in day to day use in their homes. 

With our adjustable control panel, you will be able to prepare your mulled wine in desired temperature and volume, and thanks to its internal isolation, without losing the heat even in cold conditions. And as importantly without losing any alcohol as it simply evaporates in classical methods. 
Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel
Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel
Content And Features
The wooden parts of our product in produced using the best quality natural cedar wood which is properly aged and completed its natural life. Cedar is very resistant to rotting and worming, its form can last for centuries with the proper use and thus we chose this specific wood type for our Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel product. 

Electronic Thermostat With a Touch Screen 
This system has been chosen to give you the faster and safer control of the product. You can easily access the menu, change and fix the heat setting with the help of a highly sensible touch screen. 

On-Off Switch 
The switch which cuts all the power without the need of unplugging, is located in the accessible part. 
Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel
Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel

Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel
Stainless Steel Bowl 
We used stainless steel (chrome) bowl in our Dionysos mulled wine barrel, for safe and healthy consuming. 

Rockwool Isolation 
This material has been used to efficient insulate the chrome bowl from the cedar part of the barrel to minimize heat and energy loss. With this technique, heat preserving is achieved regardless the weather conditions, and the longer the wine stays hot, the more energy you will save without the need of the thermostat needing to switch on. 

Ottoman Style Brass Faucet 
With a cultural touch of faucet design, it is made entirely from cast brass, entirely resistant to corrosion and abrasion. It is also supported by a child-lock. 
Drain Pipe With Gasketed Cover 
As it is well known, the biggest issue with traditional way of making mulled wine is alcohol volatility. This problem is eliminated with our Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel thanks to a leak proof gasket on the lid and a discharge pipe located on the back of our product. With this design, alcohol is transferred back regardless of the heat and gives you a more enjoyable wine experience. 

Draining and Cleaning 
With a 10 cm wide lid compartment on our product, you can easily drain the unused wine left inside and easily hand clean the chrome bowl. 
Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel

Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel