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Advantages Of Using Dionysos Mulled Wine Barrel

Alcohol is highly volatile and evaporates once reached 50 degrees celsius or above. When using traditional methods of making mulled wine such as in a simple pot, it is very difficult to adjust the temperature, so it is very likely all the alcohol in the wine will evaporate without you even realizing. Also, with traditional methods, keeping your mulled wine warm on a constant temperature is extremely difficult. 

Apart from the issues explained above which will already prevent you from enjoying a pleasant mulled wine experience, it is quiet difficult do adjust the spice aromas because in traditional ways the brewing process requires the mulled wine to be removed from the heat source. This will cause your wine to be cooled and in need of a reheat which again will cause more alcohol to evaporate and leave you with a grape juice with spices. 

The insulated chrome chamber, temperature displayed thermostat and a full touch control have been brought together to solve all the issues with traditional mulled wine making and give you the best experience with the help of technology. 

With a touch screen status indicator you will be able to quickly and safely adjust the heat to your desired temperature without worrying about over-spicing the wine and the alcohol evaporating. You will clearly see the exact temperature and intervene whenever you wish to adjust. 

With a brewing bag keeping all the spices together, you can easily adjust the consistency of the aroma by removing it from the chrome chamber anytime you wish giving you full control of the taste. 

Bu achieving full insulation of the chrome chamber, we made mulled wine making easy and also time and energy saving qualities. 

Last but not least, our engineers can design Dionysos Wine Barrel in the volume of your desire in accordance with your business or consumption amount by the options of special ordering. 

Our standart product capacity varies in 6, 12 and 18 liter models. However it is possible to produce models up to 50 liters via special orders.